All You Need Is Body Positivity

Much like the Spice Girls iconic song,  “Spice Up Your Life” that was released in 1997, pole dancing has brought some much-needed oomph to the dance and sports industries world wide, boasting insane talent and gravity defying movements that will remain unique to the pole sporting code.

These tricks and transitions appear unnerving and impossible to achieve if you have never been exposed to gymnastics or some form of dance and contortion before, and to be frank they are daunting and require dedication and consistency. The adage, “consistency is key” has never been more truthful than in the case of pole dancing which will necessitate time, a little bit of money and commitment.

Debunking Body Types

A frequent question for many people who are interested in trying pole dancing for the first time is whether they have the correct body type to be able to bend, push and pull their bodies up and around the pole. Uhm, what? Correct body type? This prompted a social media search of #poledancing on Instagram and surprise!

The images and videos that appeared were of strong, muscular and “skinny” individuals flaunting their movements with ease around that pole. As a disclaimer I wish to state that there is no doubt that these women have worked fervently to achieve the levels of execution of these mastered moves and in no way is this a piece aimed at detracting or invalidating that.

However, this got me thinking about the image that has been projected and as a studio, especially in a society where body shaming (especially body shaming women) has become a standard, it is imperative that we debunk the myth that a certain body type is a prerequisite for pole dancing. In other words, my fellow polers; there is no such thing as a correct body type.

Yes, the student with the small frame may find certain movements easier but there have been many times where I have witnessed that same student struggle to do a trick simply because they lacked the will power to do so.

Hang In There

Another statement that gets thrown out all too often is, “I need to lose weight before I can pole dance”. Being light weight is an advantage on occasion, but it is not the key to becoming a great pole dancer. If your goal is to lose weight then by all means use this as an opportunity to do so and persevere by coming to classes regularly, eating as healthy as possible, consuming enough water and thinking positively.

At South Pole Studio we pride ourselves on working with people of all shapes and sizes and we believe that it is important to promote body positivity rather than force our students to lose weight in order to progress.  Many times, our abilities are not manifested by what we are able to physically achieve, but rather by pushing mental boundaries and unclogging those mental pores that have been pervaded by negative thoughts.

Ultimately, we want you to remain true to your journey and you will need to hang in there for as long as it takes to unlock the potential brewing inside of you – stay focused kids.

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