If you like dancing, if you are searching for a fun workout or if you’re in it to challenge yourself – pole is really for everybody! I love seeing my students, some of whom have started pole with no dance or fitness background at all, progress and gain new skills every day. The look on a student’s face when they realise what their body is capable of, the things they can do which they never thought to be possible, is magic. And latest by then, that feeling of flying has become addictive. Challenging yourself every day all over again, for that overwhelming feeling of success and accomplishment in the end.

It isn’t always this simple, of course. So constant practice, dedication and especially, learning the correct techniques, is crucial. Even if you’re starting your pole journey with a good level of strength and flexibility (which isn’t required, you will build these as you go), these will be amazing tools but you’ll still need to acquire the basics for your intermediate and one day advanced tricks and routines to look clean and feel more accessible to you.

Here are ten out of many beginner moves you might want to learn and practice:

  • Knee Hook Spin
  • Chair Spin
  • Ice Skater Spin
  • Attitude Spin
  • Basic Climb
  • Carousel Spin
  • Fankick
  • Fireman Spin
  • Pole Sit

These are only a few examples of what you can learn in a beginners class with us, and we’ll combine these moves to turn them into beautiful routines on and around the poles! Practice and repetition is key – don’t give up after your first attempt (or second, or third). If Pole was really easy it would be a bit boring! (Though it is an amazing feeling when those tricks and spins become easy – there’ll always be something new to learn, the list is endless which is so inspiring!)

This is a very special and rewarding sport – no matter if you enjoy the fitness aspect of it or you’d prefer to dance in heels. We got all the options and our trained instructors, who are all dancers, will lead you every step of the way!


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