Is pole dancing a good workout?  Look… I’m struggling to imagine anything, that has the aim of dancing side-ways, swinging around a pole, for an hour.. comes without a sweat drenched towel and some limp limbs. Next add a little will and perseverance and voila, you will start working out muscles your body forgot it even has.

Pole fitness, an approach formed to combat stigma surrounding pole, aims to sell: the pole dancing workout, losing weight with pole dancing, pole dancing burns calories, sounds like you’re going to the gym.

This is in no way wrong, but the way I see it:
Pole is what you make it.

For me it’s an art-form, a dance, a workout and yes, most definitely fitness. It’s also a community, an opportunity to perform on stage and to compete, a sport that is accessible to everyone and anyone (I believe) whose interest is tickled by the idea of spinning and swirling through the air, holding beautiful shapes and figures… should without a doubt give pole a go.

So if your research has brought you this far, that clearly includes you… 😉
Swing around :):):):)

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