What do you wear to a pole dancing class? Well when it comes to pole dancing gear we are generally talking about your standard fitness attire: leggings or yoga pants are good for warm ups and floor work. Anything on the pole requires a sports top (sleeve-less) and shorts (any running or gym shorts will do fine).

Why so skimpy, you might be thinking… well in pole friction is the name of the game, so the more skin you have available the more versatile your movements up and down the pole can become. And, let me tell you this, the more into pole you get the more fun the clothing aspect becomes, starting with leg warmers and knee pads you will enter the wonderful world of pole gear. Shoppers be warned, the outfits available these days are both enchanting and endless…

That’s my take on it, but don’t believe everything you read.. The only way to really know what you should wear is to attend a class and figure it out for yourself and I obviously don’t need to tell you where I think you should take your first class…

So, I think that is that about pole dancing and clothing, at least for now.

Until then, hang in there

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