South Pole Studio was established in August 2019 in a home in little Mowbray filled with rustic charm and comfort. There were nuances of homeliness and the founder, Tiina O’Connor, honed qualities of embrace and warmth instilling in her students a sense of achievement and progression, allowing her to grow and move into a larger space just outside of Pinelands in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. At South Pole Studio the vision is to dance to our heart’s content, leaving our souls and pieces of who we are on the pole dance floor. It stems from a place of passion, a place of joy, elation, zeal and perseverance.

We’re growing up and growing fast

The studio is not just a space where people from all walks of life come to fulfil a need or desire to get fit and strong. It has become a community where students and instructors alike, feel safe and comfortable to expand their physical capabilities while exploring growth in all spheres of their lives. Of course, it is a good work out, and the offering at South Pole Studio is unique and unlike any other studio in the Cape which lends itself to entering a market that is rapidly expanding. People have joined in all shapes and sizes to come and dance at South Pole Studio with dancing in heels being one of the most popular classes second to flexibility sessions.

I mean who wouldn’t want to feel empowered while moving in ways one could never have imagined with a pair of high heels attached to their feet? In fact, this way is one of the best ways to shed some unwanted kilos while learning a routine about how to be beautiful in the movement. Not only are you losing weight (if that is your goal), you’re gaining inner confidence and, in a world, where the negativity sometimes outweighs the positivity perhaps your story will be the light in someone else’s life.

Putting some myths to rest

One point of contention that many pole dancers get lambasted on is the “minimal clothing” aspect. I cannot emphasise this enough: It is important to educate people in a manner that is not standoffish or offensive and to explain, why as pole dancers, our attire is scanty. We require as much skin as possible to enable us to perform the tricks and do the transitions that we do when you sit or stand in a crowd looking at us mesmerisingly.

There is a science behind why we wear the shortest of shorts and why our abdominal portions need to be exposed, and it’s not to attract unwanted attention or to make a statement or to be sexy. In the beginning, when you first learn basic tricks and transitions on the pole, dance attire or clothing can be as simple as a t-shirt or sports top and yoga shorts, however as you progress it becomes clear that less will allow you to do more.

Of course, no one is forced to wear what they are not comfortable wearing and there are always modifications and different methods of transitioning, however, I thought it would be best to dispel of the negative stigma attached to the gear we choose to do this beautiful sport in and why we wear what we do.

Join us on a journey of discovery

I suppose that this is a succinct recommendation post and an encouraging one at that. Why should you start the journey of pole dance (trust me, it is a journey and a patient sport)? The answer to this is even simpler than the one about what pole dancing is – firstly self-love, then education (barring the stigma which is a topic of discussion for another post), then building strength, flexibility, learning discipline and even weight loss and all the optimistic aspects that come with developing yourself and your body.

Ask us anything

The schedule at South Pole Studio is one of the most accommodating and colourful, offering variety that is unparalleled, and if you are searching for an activity to fit your fitness and movement needs, explore the website, ask questions if you want to and even if you are in doubt at first, I implore you to at least try one beginner or introductory class. The potential for unlocking that part of you that you dreamed of will only be possible if you step out of your comfort zone and that is only possible if you tap into your own bravery.

Join us at South Pole Studio

If you’re looking to get into Pole Dancing as a beginner, want to improve your fitness or get back into pole dancing classes and hone your skills with expert classes then feel free to join us. Contact us today about booking a class or should you have any questions. We’re happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

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