Covid-19 and Community

In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, the earth halted. A pandemic swept the universe off its feeble feet laying to waste countless livelihoods, sending the global economy into turmoil. While the world faced a viral pandemic, the inequalities of society and justice reared its ugly head, revealing the ever-widening gap between those who have and those who have less than little. It also revealed systemic and entrenched prejudices against minorities and people of colour that even the most developed continents could no longer turn a blind eye to. You may be wondering how a piece on a page dedicated to pole dance has any relevance to the current situations at hand. I am here to tell you that if you’re asking that question then you have already missed the boat to reformation. Our community is made up of the very people described above; the haves, the have nots, the marginalised, and I am proud to say that most of the people in our community have taken a stand for what is right and what is fair, true and just.

Tackling hardship

Despite the attack on people’s health, wealth and personal freedom, our beautiful community has held its head up high and in a matter of days transformed the art of teaching pole, dance and stretch into an online phenomena that gained much traction. The beauty of lockdown has revealed that one’s time is precious and that it is important to make time for what matters. For many of our students, that time was spent improving flexibility and their dance abilities in order to transform themselves into better pole dancers and aerialists and we are forever grateful for the ongoing support during the most unanticipated and unprecedented time. For the past three months there has been many struggles from a business point of view, but what is most refreshing is that at the end of this dark tunnel there are those who started this journey with us cheering us on to climb out of a rabbit hole and come out guns blazing (within social distancing guidelines and hygiene protocols of course). To our students we wish to say, ‘thank you’. Without your commitment to your own growth, we would have no studio to return to and because of your commitment, we will be re-opening our doors in a matter of days and will slowly start to oil the gears until we are able to run as a fully-fledged pole, dance and aerial studio.

The Way Forward

It would remiss of us if we didn’t acknowledge what the future looks like for the arts. Everyone is hoping to return to normality very soon, but the cold hard truth is that normality for one is not normality for all. Technology has opened a gateway for ingenuity and creativity that we should continue to explore as it has allowed those of us who have never been afforded the opportunity to travel abroad, to take classes with some of our pole idols in the comfort of our homes while imagining that we’re in a different time zone. Imagine that! On the local front, looking forward there is room for improvement in collaborating with other studios and dance collectives. The raw talent that exists on our doorstep never ceases to astound us and the untapped potential needs to be harnessed by our community as a whole. From the time we re-open our doors we implore you to continue this journey with us at South Pole Studio and in return we will continue to provide quality content and teachings. Developing your strength, beauty, confidence and inner performer is something we have never, and will never take for granted.

Join us at South Pole Studio

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