This Class is for first-timers – you will learn basic Pole Moves and Spins, combined into a little Dance Choreography.
Please wear short Pants (long Pants can be worn for Warm up).

In this Technique focused Class we will work on specific Pole Tricks and Spins according to your Level and possibly add them into a short Sequence.

Sensual Elements are Focus in this Exotic-Style Class, with emphasis on combining slow Flow with fast Elements and Pole Moves into a Choreography on the Pole.
Heels are welcome, but not essential.

Learn to continuously move around the Pole and combine Steps, Moves, Spins into a fluid Dance. Eventually you will be able to develop your own Style and improvise whenever you need to!
Long Pants and Socks can be worn.

Combines Strength, Tricks and Flow into a Pole Choreography with smooth Transitions.
Dance in Heels – Learn a sexy Pole Choreography wearing your favorite Shoes!

Learn a Pole Choreography combining Dance Moves, Pole Spins and Tricks.

The russian Term “plastica” translates to shapeable – Movements in this Dance Style emphasize on looking/ pretending to be flexible (even if one is not). Accents and Flow, Floorwork Tricks and Techniques combined with Influences from Modern Dance create a sassy, feminine Exotic Floorwork Style Choreography.
Usually performed in Heels, but not a must.
Kneepads or Legwarmers are essential.

Get Pole Strong! Build your Strength on and off the Pole to make all those beautiful Tricks and Routines easier to achieve.

This is a Flexibility Class with Focus on your Front Splits. You’ll learn active and passive Stretches to improve your Splits.

Improve your Back- and Shoulder Flexibility. With Focus on active stretching and Muscle Tone this Class can perfectly complement your Pole Training – but you dont need to be a Pole Dancer to benefit from this Class.

For most of us, the oh so desired Middlesplits require the same attention and dedication as all other Flexibility Moves – and that is what we will focus on in this Class! Active and passive Exercises to work towards those holy Middlesplits.

If you are struggling to invert and do a pull-up, but really wanna try a few Tricks in that beautiful Hoop – this is the Class for you. The Hoops will hang low enough for you to find your way in and you’ll learn some Tricks inside the Hoop.

Even this might be your first Aerial Hoop Class, if you can do a Pull-up and invert, this is the Class for you. You will learn Tricks in, underneath, above and all around the Hoop, combined into a little Routine.

This Class is for you, if you are working on your Inverts. You will learn different Exercises, Techniques and Presspoints to help you with Strength Mounts, Leg Hooks and Basic Inverts.

Learn a Pole Routine with smooth Transitions including Tricks and Spins according to your Level.

This is an active Flexibility Class where we’ll stretch the whole Body in a Vinyasa inspired Flow.
Bring a Sweat Towel.

This Class is for you, if you are working on your Aerial Inverts, Shouldermounts, Deadlifts.. you’ll learn Techniques, Exercises to build your Strength and Tips to practice on your own.

Impro on & off the Pole – A skilled Dancer knows, how to improvise. There are plenty of different ways to approach Improvisation – we will touch on some Techniques and fun Exercises to get you more comfortable with the Practice.
Bring Kneepads or Legwarmers.

Flexibility is Key in this Class. Learn some beautiful Flexi Shapes (and your ways in and out of them) on the Pole.

Exotic Russian Style! Learn a short Choreography with classic exotic Movements and Tricks.
Heels and Kneepads are required for this Class.

A Yoga Class for Dancers (everybody welcome!). A Vinyasa Style Yoga Class to tap into your inner Self, connect to your Breathing, discover your Body’s Movements. Emphasis on feeling into your Body instead of thinking of Technique.
Bring a Sweat Towel.