Whether you’ve never tried any pole or aerial fitness classes before or you spent days completely comfortable living upside down. We’d love to have you join our community, where we can learn share and unleash our passions and transform ourselves in the process. If you’re looking for a pole fitness studio in Cape Town to hone your skills, then look no further.

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Dance & Floor-work

Our classes incorporate all elements of pole dance and fitness. This includes choreographys that aren’t pole-centric, focusing more on transitional moves and floor-work. We believe in giving our students variety to nurture their way to becoming well-rounded pole dancers.

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Fitness & Flexibility Training

Flexibility classes will take you through how to improve your body’s ability to move and contort. We will teach you the proper and safe technique to enhance your flexibility. We will take you through each exercise step by step and gradually increase your ability to perform the functional movement to more advanced flexibility training.

All these steps will assist you in getting ready for and can be translated into your aerial dance practice. Flex training is a great way to build a solid foundation that will support whatever your goals may be in pole fitness.

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Lyra Classes

Have you ever wanted to master the art of being suspended in the air? If the answer is yes, then Aerial Hoop classes (aka “lyra”) are just the fit for you. Lyra classes are conducted using a circular metal apparatus. You will learn how to create beautiful shapes below, inside and above the hoop and incorporate them into a range of moves and routines.

First hoop classes will teach you various techniques to enter and exit the hoop. While Conditioning exercises will help you build strength, body awareness and coordination. No worries if you have none of these skills.

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Pole Classes

Combine strength, grace, and sensuality on this vertical stainless steel apparatus and transform it into an experience you won’t soon forget. Pole classes break down different spins, dance movement, floorwork and conditioning exercises. As you become more comfortable with yourself and the pole exercises, you will improve body awareness and coordination. You will also increase upper body strength and flexibility.

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Online Classes

If you cannot make it to the studio or join one of our classes due to scheduling issues, transport or prefer to work out in the comfort of your home, then our series of online classes and one on one training sessions could be a perfect fit for you.

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