Pole fitness is a unique opportunity to learn a new skill while learning about your body and what it is capable of at the same time. Like every discipline, you need to grow into it but you have start somewhere.

We know you’re wondering is this right for you, or perhaps you’re thinking “I’d love to share pole fitness with a friend”, then why not grab yourself a South Pole Studio gift card in the meantime.

You can purchase a gift card and redeem it for a class, whenever you’re ready, simply let us know you’re coming and provide us with the gift card code once you’re ready.

Why buy a gift card?

If you’re not ready to book a class but would like to reserve the option at a later stage or would like to book a class for a friend then a gift card is the ideal solution.

If you are ready to book, check our schedules or book a class. 

If you’re still undecided, then contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help you.

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Pick your prefered gift card value and proceed to check out as if you were booking a class. Once your payment is confirmed you will receive the gift card that can be redeemed at our studio, use it for yourself or a friend.

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