Tiina is South Pole Studio’s owner and first instructor. Her roots are in Germany, where she attended professional ballet school and studied contemporary dance and theater. Having trained and taught pole, as well as competed, locally and internationally, what she brings to the classroom is a vast knowledge of teaching structures and training techniques.

At South Pole she teaches beginner to advanced levels as well as lyra, flexibility, floorwork, exotic pole and many more pole orientated disciplines. When it comes to class her x-factor is a professional and disciplined approach, strongly underlined by her light and playful temperament.


Imke is South Pole’s first homegrown instructor. Having started aerial dance in 2019 at South Pole Studio, it quickly developed from hobby to passion to obsession. An unrivaled fascination for the upside down makes Imke the obvious choice for our aerial hoop instructor.
Always interested to try new things; Imke’s eagerness, knowledge of technique and attention to detail, will ensure that you get the most out of every class.
When asked: Why become an instructor?
“I am passionate about sharing my love for dance and exploration, so I love teaching and seeing students develop their own thing!”


Sara started training ballet, modern, contemporary.. and almost every other dance form under the sun, at a young age. This no doubt paved the way to her natural affinity for pole and aerial dance. Certified as a contortion, flexibility and acrobatics coach, her knowledge and practice is always raising the bar in her flexibility and pole classes.
Her passion is not only dance and movement, but also teaching. She loves bringing out the best in people, helping them find their strengths and achieve their goals… and most of all having fun while doing so.

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