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Discount Package to attend both workshops on 30th April 2022.

Sensual Pole Transitions & Floorwork Acrobatics (Intermediate/Advanced level)

Saturday 30th April - 11:15am
Instructor: Penny

1,5h class contains:

20 min Active Warm up
Signature workout to build strength and stamina, exercises and leg work, shoulder mobility and upper back flexibility routine.
45-50 min Sensual Pole Transitions & Floorwork Acrobatics
Detailed explanation of floorwork & acrobatics technique, sensual flow movements and pole transitions. Basic principles of creating combos and working in a flow. Tips and advice on sensual and artistic presentation.
15-20 min
Creating a sensual pole combination based on pole transitions and floor acrobatic tricks learned in this class. Taking videos and pictures.

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FrameUp Strip Choreo (all levels)

Saturday 30th April - 1:00pm
Instructor: Penny

1,5h class contains:
20 min Dance warm-up
Contains basic dance moves & workout, floor- and leg work, body rolls and isolations, power - and stretching exercises.
50-60 min Frameup Choreography
You'll learn a 1-1,5 minute long sensual routine consisting of some floor acrobatics and dance elements which are based on a high level of musicality (movements arranged on beats and vocals). Developing the ability to show sensuality by contracting and relaxing the body, putting emphasis on accents and drawing smooth lines.
10-20 minutes Showcase time
Performing solos, filming and taking pics.

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