1. All Rights of Admission reserved.
2. All PACKAGES AND DROP-INS are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be extended.
3. BOOKING and PAYMENT in advance are essential for all classes. Every student will have their own hoop/pole unless advertised differently.
4. CANCELLATION will be possible up to 24 hours before class. Students will then have the chance to book a make up class, subject to availability, within the same month. Students making use of a “Month unlimited” package need to cancel their bookings a minimum of 24 hours before class begin- failing to do so will require them to pay the drop-in rate for their booking.  No refunds will be paid on any booking cancellations. South Pole Studio  reserves the right to cancel a class up until 24 hours prior to the class if there aren’t sufficient bookings. If a student is booked into a cancelled class, they will be able to choose a make up class within the term or a refund will be paid within five business days. South Pole Studio reserves the right to cancel a class on the day due to special circumstances, if there is another class of the same level and time slot, this will be available for the student.
5. All BOOKINGS must be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled class. Payment needs to be made immediately after booking. Payments via direct transfer need to reflect within three business days, short notice bookings require a proof of payment to be sent. Unpaid bookings will be cancelled.
6. As an active student you get to book one PLAYTIME per week, if one is on the schedule, at no cost. Booking is essential as spots are limited. Students don’t reserve a right to a playtime if there is none on offer.
7. The “MONTH UNLIMITED” Package can be used for all classes, including flexibility/acro, conditioning/power and choreography classes. However, booking is always essential.
8. RATES are subject to change without prior notice.


1. Please advise your instructor prior to class if you have any medical conditions or injuries as well as any occurring during class. Please consult a doctor to make sure you can partake in class.
2. Please make sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after class.
3. Please don’t chew any gum during class.
4. The warm-up is essential to avoid injuries. If you are late for class, please make sure to warm yourself up sufficiently before attempting any tricks etc. Please always check your pole for safety before starting class to make sure it’s stable. If you switch to someone else’s pole, please do the same. Please always clean your pole with the supplied cleaning aids after your class – if you climbed to the top during Class, please also clean the pole there!

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