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Special Guest – Penny Lane

Penny Lane (Natalia Kostenko) is a Russian Exotic pole dancer and vivid performer of Exotic Oldschool Style.
She started to pole in 2010, inspired by videos of Jenyne Butterfly and Felix Cane on YouTube.
Her first stage appearance happened six months after starting pole and she became a pole dance instructor after 2 years.
In 2016 she first tried Exotic pole dance and fell in love. Since then Exotic Pole Dance is her great passion.
Participant and winner of different international and world competitions.
Among them:
✓ Exotic Pole Dance Queen 2017, Moscow, Russia
✓ Winner of TOTAL EXOTIC CHALLENGE 2017, St. Petersburg, Russia
✓Finalist at EXOTIC MOON 2017, Torino, Italy
✓ Finalist at EXOTIC GENERATION, Moscow, Russia
✓ “Best Techniques” at ZODIAC Black Addition, Moscow, Russia
✓ Finalist at Miss & Mister Pole Dance Globe 2015, Giessen, Germany

Special guest performer (Pole Dance Angels project) for annual St. Petersburg Harley Davidson’s Motorcycle Festival.

Co-organizer of Surf & Pole Dance Camp on Tenerife (Canary Islands), Dec’18 – Jan’19.
Judge for exotic & artistic categories at ZHARA Pole Dance Festival 2018-2019, St. Petersburg, Russia.

View the videos below if you’d like to see more of Penny Lane and her Styles of Dancing.

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